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Coffee beans are roasted in coffee roasters. Mixing roasted coffee in portable roaster machine.

Once you become more confident experimenting with coffee making, it’s only natural to consider roasting your own beans.

If you’ve already got a grinder to make sure the coffee in your cup is at its freshest, why not dial in the roast to your exact liking for a modest investment that will keep you drinking the finest coffee for years?

You can roast coffee beans in a pan or using a popcorn popper, as we’ll outline today.

The smarter alternative is to get yourself a coffee roaster, though.

You’re in luck today as we’ll review a broad spread of the very best home coffee roasters on the market as well as giving you a glimpse into some simple but effective ways to roast your beans.

Don’t overcomplicate things…

You don’t need to study how to roast coffee beans commercially. All you need is some simple equipment and you can profile your roast to your heart’s content.

Roasted coffee beans are often sold at markets and you can find a great selection at the legendary Stumptown Coffee Roasters. Check out the Stumptown Coffee locations here.


raw coffee beans - unroasted coffee beans in glass jar on wooden table

You can also, of course, get a solid spread of raw beans on Amazon as we’ll outline later today.


We’ll give you a glimpse now at the coffee roasters we’ll review today and then we’ll laser in on each roaster in a little more detail.

I. Best Home Coffee Roaster Comparison Table

Behmor 1600+ Drum Coffee Roaster
  • Compact
  • Semi-manual mode
  • Variable speed drum control lets you stay in charge
Bean Plus Coffee Roaster
  • Transparent lid
  • Vast majority of smoke is controlled
  • Runs very quietly considering the performance
Fresh Roast Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Compact, space-saving roaster
  • Intuitive control panel is a pleasure to use
Gene Café Coffee Roaster
  • Reasonably quiet for a roaster
  • Even roast every time due to off-axis rotation
  • Easy to profile your roast
Nesco Coffee Bean Roaster
  • Catalytic converter removes almost all smoke
  • Roast enough beans for 36 coffees
  • Easy to use even for beginners
Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster
  • Insulating qualities of ceramic ideal for roasting
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Striking cowhide handle
Eleoption Home Coffee Roaster Machine
  • Roast an incredible 3 pounds in a single batch
  • Non-stick body
  • Versatile roaster
Wabash Valley Farms Popcorn Popper
  • Roast beans rapidly in well under 10 minutes
  • Easy to remove lid for simple clean-up
  • Very heavy-duty and built to last


We’ll explore these roasters in a little more depth right now.

II. Top Picks For Best House Coffee Roaster

1) Our Top Pick: Behmor 1600+ Drum Coffee Roaster

If you’re looking to take full control of the coffee brewing process by roasting your own beans, our standout recommendation is the Behmor Drum Roaster. Looking like a cross between a giant toaster and a microwave, the 1600+ makes a great addition to any coffee lovers arsenal.

As you’ll know, the more interested you become in the whole process of coffee getting from bean to cup, the more you’ll want to assume control and ensure things are to your liking every step of the way. If you’ve got a great coffee machine and you want to grind your own beans from raw, a roaster is essential.

If you’re concerned about the idea of roasting indoors, don’t be. Smoke suppression technology means you can safely operate inside rather than being banished to an outbuilding. That said, many users still prefer to roast outside on the porch so think about placement and go with what works best for you.

You’ll struggle to find green coffee beans in your local store but there is a plentiful supply online which we’ll investigate after our reviews. Once you’ve sourced your raw beans, it’s down to you to laser in on your preferred roast profile.

There are 5 roast settings and you can also enter a semi-manual mode allowing you to make further adjustments but this is best left alone until you’re confident with the pre-sets.

The 1-pound capacity means you can work on large batches so you’ve got all the fresh coffee you need just the way you like it.

As a word of warning, when you’ve filled the drum with beans, make absolutely certain the clasp is firmly in place. Take care, too, when housing the drum and make sure it’s nicely notched in.

As with all coffee roasters, you’ll end up with a fair amount of debris accumulating. The chaff tray and drum are both removable so keeping on top of things is not too demanding. Just regularly wash down, dry and replace and that’s about the extent of any maintenance.

Since roasting coffee beans is a hands-on affair, there’s a safety mode where your roast will shut down once 75% done unless you respond to some warning messages on the display. Just hit the button and you can override this mechanism and finish your roast strong.

If you want a home drum coffee roaster from a brand you can rely on to give your coffee a head start, the Behmor 1600+ is tough to beat.


  • Relatively compact for such a powerhouse roaster
  • Semi-manual mode offering total flexibility in the roasting process
  • Variable speed drum control lets you stay in charge
  • Quartz heart lamps for a uniform roast every time
  • Fully illuminated interior lets you monitor roasting with ease


    • Machine gets gummed up easily so keep on top of cleaning
    • Reasonably expensive

      2) The Best High-End Roaster: Bean Plus Coffee Roasting Machine

      While not marketed as a commercial coffee bean roaster, this upscale machine from Bean Plus is more than fit for sustained and vigorous use.

      As with most coffee roasters, technology is in place to dampen down the smoke that’s kicked up as you’re preparing those green beans. You can use this roaster indoors safely if you fancy setting up shop in the kitchen.

      Once you’ve added 150g of your chosen green beans – and if you’re struggling to decide on those beans we’ll walk you through some superb options after our coffee roaster reviews – juts choose from the 9 roast settings and you’ll have your coffee just the way you like it.